Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week

Celebrate Napa Valley’s most unique wines during Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week.

Napa Valley winemakers craft their finest, most innovative and creative wines exclusively for Premiere Napa Valley. Each year by invitation only, top members of the wine trade attend the Premiere Napa Valley wine auction to procure these highly collectable, limited-edition wines. Produced in lots of as little as 60 to no more than 240 bottles the winning bidder makes these truly unique wines available to you, their top clientele.

Discover these exceptional, limited-edition wines during Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week.

Build Your Collection with Premiere Napa Valley wine

Build Your Collection

Premiere Napa Valley wines are the most unique wines made in Napa Valley. These limited-edition wines are now available to collectors worldwide in the ‘Build Your Collection’ online marketplace. Many of these wines are available to consumers for the first time. Acquire these unique Napa Valley wines before they are gone forever.

Purchase Premiere Wines

Napa Valley Sessions

Napa Valley Sessions

If you missed sommelier DLynn Proctor on November 9, watch the video of his discussion with winemakers as they walk us through the art of blending a Premiere Napa Valley wine.


Premiere Napa Valley Wine Week Tasting Events

Wine Week Events

Throughout the week, join in-person and online events to hear from winemakers directly about the wines on offer.


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