Oakville 5ive
2022 Cabernet Sauvignon

2024 Offering
Premiere Napa Valley
Auction 28 | Lot No. 146
Vintage: 2022


Oakville 5ive

Cabernet Sauvignon

5 cases produced


  • A "textbook" expression of Oakville, reflective of the appellation's iconic richness, terroir and elegance
  • The Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon is complemented by the four remaining signature Bordeaux varietals
  • Each lot matured separately in French oak before blending to achieve balance and complexity
  • Napa Valley's power, balanced with European elegance, this Cabernet will age beautifully for five to 15 years


In 2004, when the Pey family tasted barrels of their inaugural vintage of Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon, they exclaimed, "this is textbook Oakville," inspiring TEXTBOOK’s namesake. As an homage to our winery's origin story, this lot is a quintessential expression of the prestigious Oakville appellation's unrivaled richness and elegance. Winemaker Abigail Estrada has woven an enchanting tribute to the world-renowned Napa Valley nested appellation. The Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the soul of the iconic region, with the four remaining signature Bordeaux varietals providing additional depth and complexity. A true collector's gem, destined to age gracefully for five to 15 years.

Abigail Estrada

Winemaker, TEXTBOOK

Winemaker, Abigail Estrada

A Bay Area native and UC Davis enology and viticulture graduate, Abigail “Abi” Horstman didn't travel far from her roots to TEXTBOOK Vineyards in the Napa Valley. Still, the path to get there took Abi around the world for harvests in four different countries, including Italy, New Zealand, and Israel, where she was exposed to a wide range of climates, vineyards, varietals, and winemaking techniques.

As Winemaker at TEXTBOOK Vineyards, Abi is in a unique position to leverage her aptitude for innovation and experimentation with new techniques in the cellar. Her holistic knowledge of Napa Valley’s coveted vineyard sites brings a valuable perspective to winemaking as she works alongside TEXTBOOK founder and wine industry veteran, Jonathan Pey.

Country born: United States

Education: My mentor is Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls. She hired me for my first full-time job in the wine industry, as the Enologist at Markham Vineyards. Her friendship, mentorship, and empowerment has made shaped me as a winemaker.

TEXTBOOK Founder, Jonathan Pey and I work closely in crafting these small lots. His insights shaped by the trials and triumphs of founding TEXTBOOK have been invaluable in how we craft each vintage.

Years in the wine industry: 10-15 years

Winemaking Philosophy:
TEXTBOOK wines are designed to capture the soul of the varietal – expressing the unique, identifiable qualities of the fruit, soil, and climate. We accomplish this by seeking out the best of the region, integrating these lots for balance.

Jonathan Pey

Winemaker, TEXTBOOK

Winemaker, Jonathan Pey

I have had the pleasure of overseeing winemaking in France, Italy, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand and Napa Valley and now craft small lots of TEXTBOOK here in Napa Valley.

Country born: United States

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree - Agronomy, Masters in Business Administration - Marketing, lived & studied in France for 3 years.

Years in the wine industry: 20-30 years

Honors / Awards:
My teenage kids still think I am cool. Crazy but true.

Winemaking Philosophy:
Strike a balance between terroir, variety and process to make TEXTBOOK Napa Valley wines delicious - seriously delicious.

Winery Distribution

TEXTBOOK is distributed in the following markets. Please contact the winery directly for the most up-to-date distribution information and to explore commercial opportunities.

TEXTBOOK Contact: Rebecca Morus


  • Alabama ( Alabama Crown )
  • Alaska ( Specialty Imports )
  • Arizona ( RNDC )
  • Arkansas ( Moon Distributors )
  • California ( RNDC )
  • Colorado ( RNDC )
  • Connecticut ( Winebow )
  • Delaware ( Winebow )
  • Florida ( Winebow )
  • Georgia ( Winebow )
  • Hawaii ( RNDC )
  • Idaho ( Winebow )
  • Idaho ( Golden Eagle )
  • Idaho ( CSB Boise )
  • Idaho ( Winebow )
  • Illinois ( RNDC )
  • Indiana ( RNDC )
  • Iowa ( Okoboji )
  • Kansas ( Handcrafted Wines )
  • Kentucky ( RNDC )
  • Louisiana ( Wines Unlimited )
  • Maine ( Mariner / Pine State Beverage )
  • Maryland ( Winebow Group )
  • Massachusetts ( Carolina Wine Co )
  • Massachusetts ( MS Walker )
  • Michigan ( Great Lakes Wine & Spirits )
  • Minnesota ( The Wine Company )
  • Mississippi ( MS ABC )
  • Missouri ( A. Bommarito )
  • Montana ( Briggs Distributing )
  • Montana ( Bronkens Distributing )
  • Montana ( Summit Beverage )
  • North Carolina ( Winebow )
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