Baldacci Family Vineyards

Valley's Beauty
2022 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley

2024 Offering
Premiere Napa Valley
Auction 28 | Lot No. 42
Vintage: 2022

Baldacci Family Vineyards

Valley's Beauty

Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley

5 cases produced


  • Blended from five prestigious Napa Valley appellations
  • A testament to the artful blending of Cabernet Sauvignon from diverse vineyards, resulting in a wine of remarkable depth and sophistication
  • A barrel selection of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, meticulously aging in the finest French oak
  • Crafted with a vision for longevity, this wine is destined to mature beautifully over the years


This exceptional 2022 Cabernet Sauvignon is a culmination of meticulous vineyard selection and careful winemaking craft. Sourced from the illustrious nested appellations of Stags Leap District, Coombsville, Oakville, Calistoga and Diamond Mountain District in Napa Valley, your wine encapsulates the essence of each region. Aging in the finest French oak barrels, the result is rich and balanced, with dark fruit, subtle oak nuances and refined tannins. With its remarkable depth and age-worthy potential, your wine is a journey through Napa Valley's finest terroirs.

Wine Facts

  • Wine is unfiltered
  • Sustainably produced

Michael Baldacci

Winemaker, Baldacci Family Vineyards

Winemaker, Michael Baldacci

Michael Baldacci
Baldacci Family Vineyards

Exceptional quality wine all begins with a passion. "My passion is one rooted in family," Michael says, "a passion to produce honest wines that best embody my family's love for great wine and the unique estate vineyards that Baldacci represents."

Though he was born and raised in the Bay Area, Michael Baldacci spent many days as a young boy walking his family's vineyards.
Struck early on by the delicacy with which man and nature must work together to make beautiful wines, Michael returned to Napa Valley as an adult to become part of the team at Baldacci Family Vineyards.

New to the business but a veteran of the land, Michael took on a managerial role at the winery after four years of undergraduate study in Los Angeles with the same goal his father had had nearly twelve years before: to make wines that represent the character of the land, the grapes, and the family Baldacci represents.

A boutique winery, with their first vintage in 2000, Baldacci Family Vineyards focuses strictly on single-vineyard wines. The total estate owned acreage includes the original 17-acre estate in the heart of the Stags Leap District, as well as a 20-acre property in Carneros. The newest addition to the estate vineyard portfolio is an 8.5-acre property in Calistoga, a warmer micro-climate of Napa Valley whose lush fruit perfectly complements the Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags Leap. Total production approaches 8,000 cases each year, nearly all of which are single-vineyard, single-varietal wines expressing their respective terroirs.

Michael can be found all around the winery, from the cellar to the tasting room, behind a desk or in the vineyards he first walked in as a child. "The Stags Leap District is an iconic area of Napa," he believes, "and our family's wines strive to show each and every consumer why it is truly the best area in the world to grow world class Cabernet."

Country born: United States

Years in the wine industry: 10-15 years

Winery Distribution

Baldacci Family Vineyards is distributed in the following markets. Please contact the winery directly for the most up-to-date distribution information and to explore commercial opportunities.

Baldacci Family Vineyards Contact: Michael Baldacci


  • South Dakota ( Cask and Cork )


  • Canada - Alberta ( Executive Vine Imports )
  • China ( Via Pacifica Selections )
  • Hong Kong ( Via Pacifica Selections )
  • Japan ( La Languedocciene K.K. )
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