Crocker & Starr Wines

The Goddess
2021 Cabernet Franc
St. Helena

2023 Offering
Premiere Napa Valley
Auction 27 | Lot No. 21
Vintage: 2021

Crocker & Starr Wines

The Goddess

Cabernet Franc
St. Helena

5 cases produced


  • Famous for our Cabernet Franc, this unique bottling shows the complexity and depth of our estate
  • Sourced from our Goddess clone and blended with a barrel selection of our oldest vines on the estate known as Stone Place
  • A blend of Cabernet Franc (90%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%), this wine is loaded with rich raspberry, cardamom, savory mole spices, cocoa and sandalwood with a long finish
  • Aging in French oak for 20 months


Sourced exclusively from the St. Helena nested appellation’s historic Crocker estate, The Goddess refers to the secret clone of Cabernet Franc, which traveled here in someone’s suitcase, from the Old World. This wine has complexity, concentration and incredible texture and expresses the diversity of our soils, further enhanced with our organic grapegrowing. To enhance this wine even further, winemaker Julie Robertson added the perfect amount of our oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines known as Stone Place, enhancing the complexity. Your wine is aging for 20 months in French oak from two single barrels.

Wine Facts

  • Single vineyard wine
  • Sustainably produced
  • Wine is 100% estate grown and bottled

Julie Robertson

Winemaker, Crocker & Starr Wines

Winemaker, Julie Robertson

Julie Robertson built her winemaking career in a most unique way. A fifth-generation Texan, Julie grew up near Dallas/Ft. Worth, where throughout her childhood she spent many hours working with her grandfather on his land, the EIEIO.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University, Julie returned to Dallas and joined a small architectural firm where she earned her architecture license. Turns out that the Architectural world can require a bit of ‘scrappiness’ to make ends meet, so Julie landed a part-time job at Molto Formaggio, a gourmet wine and cheese shop.

Sidetracked by the wine and cheese industry, Julie left architecture to become the manager and buyer for Molto Formaggio. Julie’s new focus became designing and curating a wine program of exquisite boutique producers to pair with cheeses from around the globe while earning her accreditation as a Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist in Wine.

In 2014, during her travels to Napa to dive deeper into what makes great wines great, Julie was invited to join the hospitality team at Ladera Vineyards. She packed her bags and set off to learn the behind-the-scenes of making great wine through selling great wine.

Ever curious about the making of wine, Julie embedded herself into cellar work during the 2014 harvest at Ladera, all in her spare time of course. Napa was not enough, and New Zealand was her next adventure. Julie spent the next three years working in winemaking between Ladera in Napa and Elephant Hill in New Zealand.

Ready to call Napa home, Julie accepted the assistant winemaker position with Pahlmeyer. Under the direction of wine consultant Jennifer Williams, Julie’s charge was to craft world-class wine while absorbing cellar logistics and business organization. After the sale of Pahlmeyer to Gallo, Julie accepted the assistant winemaker position with Kerr Cellars under the direction of winemaker Helen Keplinger.

Julie met Pam Starr while she was working at Pahlmeyer, where Pam offered wine business advice. The two reconnected in 2021 where they took up a friendship and discussed wine growth from a global perspective. In June 2022, Julie joined Crocker & Starr Wines as winemaker.

Country born: United States

Years in the wine industry: 10-15 years

Winery Distribution

Crocker & Starr Wines is distributed in the following markets. Please contact the winery directly for the most up-to-date distribution information and to explore commercial opportunities.

Crocker & Starr Wines Contact: Julie Robertson


  • Georgia ( Hemispheres )
  • Louisiana ( Neat Wines )
  • Michigan ( Midwest Wine Exchange )
  • Nevada ( Imperial )
  • New Jersey ( Angel's Share )
  • Ohio ( Vanguard )
  • Texas ( CA Impressions )


  • ( None )
  • Germany ( Harold Morrison )
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