VGS Chateau Potelle

Saffron Vineyard Block 7
2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
Mount Veeder

2021 Offering
Premiere Napa Valley
Auction 25 | Lot No. 137


VGS Chateau Potelle

Saffron Vineyard Block 7

Cabernet Sauvignon
Mount Veeder

5 cases produced


  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Saffron Vineyard Block 7 on Mount Veeder
  • Aging 24 months in 100% new French oak: Hermitage, Seguin Moreau and Taransaud barrels
  • Fruit was grown at 2,200 feet in elevation, yet dry-farmed
  • Extremely small, mountain-grown micro berries create a muscular and tonic wine of great depth

We carved out this special lot in 2019 from Block 7 as it was clearly "unique". Each year it seems, the grapes from Block 7 are more ample and full of flavors, they are so intense and fresh. The berries here exhibit an incredible difference with an extra dimension and character that is a blend of mountain strength & power with a luscious intense bouquet. These flavors are a cut above the rest this already incredibly high-quality mountain vineyard.

Wine Facts

  • Wine is unfiltered
  • Single vineyard wine
  • Wine was dry farmed
  • Sustainably produced

Jean-Noel Fourmeaux

Winemaker, VGS Chateau Potelle

Winemaker, Jean-Noel Fourmeaux

Jean-Noel Fourmeaux, 3rd generation winemaker from Bordeaux, was an official taster for the French government in 1980 when the famous Judgment of Paris proved that California wine quality had become world-class. The French A.O.C (Appellation d' Origine Controlee) sent him to California to find out what the New World winemakers were doing. As he says, I came, I stayed! Rather than being constrained by the traditions that exist in France, he chose to be creative in making wine and became part of the California winemaking experience.

Country born: France

Education: Jean-Noel's family been making wine in Bordeaux for over a century, he jokes "my mother gave me wine instead of milk"!

Years in the wine industry: 30+ years

Winemaking Philosophy:
Often philosophic, Fourmeaux is passionate about the source of his grapes. Our vision at Chateau Potelle is to produce wines with style and character that are representative of their birth place. Like for each of us, our "roots" provide us with a unique culture, a set of mores and traditions...a style and character. Our job as winemaker is to respect and exploit the unique qualities of our "roots"... to craft wines with a sense of style and character.

Petroleum Club

500 Roderick St.
Morgan City  LA  70380

Premiere Napa Valley 2022 Wine Collection

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