How do I get invited to the Premiere Napa Valley Auction?

Premiere Napa Valley provides wine sellers an opportunity to capture one-of-a-kind wines for your most discerning customers. The professional peer-to-peer networking and relationship-building with more than 225 of Napa Valley's vintners is often likened to a homecoming for our most loyal ambassadors. To request an invite, visit

How are these wines produced?

Napa Valley's winemakers craft their best and most special wines for Premiere Napa Valley in lots ranging from 60 to 240 total bottles making them Napa Valley's rarest commercially available wines.

How does one acquire these wines?

More than 1,000 wine professionals attend the Premiere Napa Valley Barrel Tasting and Live Auction annually at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. Any licensed member of the trade from around the world can purchase these unique wines and offer them to their customers.

How have buyers successfully sold Premiere Napa Valley wines to consumers?

We created a diagram showing two potential approaches to selling Premiere Napa Valley wines. The traditional method and a sales model that relies on getting commitment from top consumers prior to attending the auction.

With a smaller margin for me, why should I purchase Premiere Napa Valley wine?

As a winning bidder, you are the only buyer who will ever own that wine. This exclusivity allows you to offer your consumers something they cannot get elsewhere. You can provide an experience that will endear high-end wine consumers to your business and create customer loyalty.

How much Premiere wine is made each year?

Each year, around 175 lots will be offered at the Live Auction.

What is Premiere Week?

Premiere Week leading up to Saturday's main event includes educational, tasting and networking events hosted by both the Napa Valley Vintners and participating wineries and is considered the best week in Napa Valley.

How do consumers find Premiere Napa Valley wines?

Wine lovers wishing to obtain Premiere Napa Valley wines can search the catalog at which lists the purchaser and then contact the purchaser directly to inquire about a wine's availability.

Who is the winemaker?

Each lot has a different winemaking crew since winemakers from all over Napa Valley craft wines specifically for the auction.

Who organizes the auction? Where does the money go?

The Napa Valley Vintners trade association is the host of Premiere Napa Valley and proceeds support our mission to promote, protect and enhance the Napa Valley.

I purchased a lot in an auction. When will my lot be delivered?

The winery determines the release date, and those dates are noted in the lot copy on the website, the printed catalog and on the individual trade account page. Releases take place January, April, July and October. We recommend wineries release within two years of the purchase date. You can contact the winery directly to see when the lot will be ready.

Who do I contact at Napa Valley Vintners with questions about my lot?

Brandy Leonards is the Napa Valley Vintners contact and we also provide winery contact information to each successful bidder.

Who do I pay and when is payment due? What form of payment do you take?

You pay the Napa Valley Vintners no later than the end of March in the same year of the auction. An invoice is mailed the week after the event. Payment in United States dollars can be made by check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

How much do Premiere Napa Valley wines cost?

The median case price is $2,300 USD.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?

You may contact the Napa Valley Vintners Domestic Marketing Manager Brett Van Emst for more information.

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